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Codeals: Startup software development. We give corporate management information solutions. Custom software for your company to jump to the next level, facilitating its management and improving its location in a competitive market. Experience in the software industry. Process optimization We have a team in constant evolution, self-preparation, flexible and committed to the development of solutions capable of adapting to new trends and demands at present. Team of experts in analysis, planning and software development. We are constantly growing. Innovation, Evolution, Development, Demand, Effort: these are the words that define us. Join Codeals!

Our Mission

I+D Be the computer solution. Identify the problem for each company and be the tool for the solution.

Our Plan

Give customized software solution. Identify and automate processes for greater scope of development in your sector. Detection of the problem and its solution.

Our Vision

StartUP as part of the growth and evolution of our customers. offer the opportunity to work with computer professionals to obtain their desired product.


Development of custom software. The beginning of a trip to realize your vision. Codeals allows you to unleash your imagination, we adjust it to the market and make it a reality. We provide professional assistance and constant guarantee, before, during and after obtaining the final product. We guarantee our product after development without any cost for life. Quality and guarantee in the development of customized systems.

Web development

Implementation, Design, Layout. Experts in search engine rankings. We put your idea in the cloud and show it to the world. We guarantee the efficiency and quality. Lifetime warranty on the systems for our customers. We work for you

Desktop application

Customized desktop applications that meet the real needs of our customers. Native, hybrid, we create integrations with other existing systems. Applications adapted to any relational and non-relational database manager. Professional interface designs. We click on your management!


Mobile applications are the most used today and Codeals is not far behind. We develop your mobile solution. We take your work in your pocket. Front-end development techniques. Development for your iOS, Android or Windows Mobile.

Analysis and Development

We guarantee your satisfaction. We create the life cycle of the software, guaranteeing its feasibility, minimizing effort and costs. We offer you the possibility of being more profitable and competitive. Applying Software Engineering (IS) we define and guarantee the life cycle of a software in its different stages. It is a fundamental pillar when it comes to creating our applications.

Consulting and Mentoring

Survey of the bank of problems and automations of the same for a better development and profitability in the operation of the objective of our clients. We give advice on the systems used by the company and identify improvements and offer solutions to achieve the highest possible level. Better exploitation of the potential of each computer system for our clients in the development of their activities.


As a Startup software development we are constantly growing to meet the needs that fit our MISSION. We offer different opportunities for incorporation through our recruiters in different areas and we even offer our clients their participation in the process.


We work with the new trends and techniques in the software industry, making our solution based on the identified need sustainable and lasting.

Analysis and Consulting 100%
Development and Implementation 100%
Design and Layout 100%
Product Guarantee 100%


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We are in constant interaction with our customers or potential customers for better communication and with it better service. Always working for you.

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